Building Forest Inventories
Powered by Robotics and AI

About Treeswift

Treeswift is building a new data and monitoring system for the natural world by pushing the frontier in robotic and machine learning technology. Forests provide numerous economic and environmental benefits, but are difficult to measure at scale. Improving forest measurement techniques is a generational challenge as forest management, carbon emissions, wildfires, natural disasters, and loss in biodiversity are critically affecting the broader economy and society.

Our mission is to capture higher quality, more verifiable forest data than what current methods provide, and to equip foresters with new tools to efficiently collect forest data at large scales. Our key technology has been developed specifically to serve the forestry industry and has been built with foresters working alongside our engineering and design team every step of the way. We provide forest inventories, which are powered by our first-of-its-kind robotic and machine learning technology. We specifically designed high-resolution sensors which operate underneath the forest canopy and replace traditional forest measurement tools, e.g. measuring tapes, clinometers, etc. By attaching our sensor suite to drones and backpacks, we cruise forests for carbon and timber, capturing data at the tree-level. We process the data through our state-of-the-art algorithms to produce forest inventories. Our data analysis results in individual per-tree metrics such as diameters, heights, quality, merchantable products, species, stem defects, geospatial information, and much more. We distill these metrics into our data product: an operational carbon or timber inventory database.

We strive to offer an unparalleled technological solution which is accurate, efficient, and scalable for forest landowners and to provide actionable, reliable, and trustworthy data on every tree we measure. Our data products can be used across forest management practices including carbon capture estimation, timber value estimation, deforestation monitoring, advanced growth forecasting, and much more.

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